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Permission 2 Sell

Permission-Based Selling That Builds Better Customer Relationships & Closes More High-Value Deals

The 3 Key Challenges of Selling
High-Value Products & Services


It's high-value because your solution is powerful & complex.

But more complexity means more time needed to build relationships & educate clients.

And more time =

More room for objections =

More likely to lose clients throughout the sales process


Complex, high-ticket / value sales also means:

  • More stakeholders

  • More discussions

  • More approvals required

And each stakeholder creates more risk of the conversation getting derailed, taking longer & ultimately losing momentum + progress


Ultimately, that all translates to low conversions.

Yes, one deal might be all you need to win, but if it takes 12-24 months to close a deal, and you need 10-20 deals in the pipeline to close one, are you sure your business will survive long enough to get to that far?

Permission 2 Sell:
Sales Training Program

Permission 2 Sell is a 4-week, virtual program purpose-built to teach you the fundamentals of Permission-Based Selling to help you:

  • Build stronger relationships with your ideal clients, and

  • Close more high-value deals quickly & with consistency

Created ground-up using proven sales techniques & the latest understanding in human psychology & intelligence, Permission 2 Sell has been designed for the needs of today's sophisticated & nuanced businesses, e.g.:

  • Custom IT, tech, development solutions

  • FinTech / RegTech / LegalTech

  • B2B / enterprise SaaS

  • Cybersecurity

  • Management consultants

  • Business coaches & trainers


Permission 2 Sell: Program Outcomes

What the Permission 2 Sell program will help you achieve

Close More

High-Value Deals

(>30% conv.)

Faster Closes & Shorter Sales Cycles

(up to 32% faster)

Build Stronger Relationships With Clients

Permission 2 Sell: Program Overview

For Founders | Business Owners | BDMs | Account Managers | Partnership Managers


Week 1:
The Introduction
  • What is Permission-Based Selling?

    • The KLT Formula to Building Trust

    • The Permission Continuum

  • P2Sell Step 1:

    • Introductions & Rapport Building

    • The Perfect Start

    • Memory Triggers

  • Permission 2 Share:

    • Triggering the Need

Week 2:
The Understanding


  • P2Sell Step 2:

    • Understand "Me" / Understand "You"
    • Problem / Implication Questioning
    • Identifying, Understanding & Establishing the Depths of a Customer's Pain Points
    • Establishing Your Credibility & Expertise with Customers
  • Permission 2 Present:
    • Framing the Conversation


Week 3:
The Outcome
  • P2Sell Step 3:

    • Solution vs Opportunity vs Outcome

    • Playing-back the Problem / Opportunity

    • Selling Outcomes NOT Features

    • Creating the Impetus to Buy

  • Permission 2 Proceed, Expand or Exit:

    • The Best Next Step

Week 4:
The Self-Close


  • P2Sell Step 4:

    • Close or Best Next Step

    • Your Starter Offer

    • Presenting Your Offer & Pricing

  • Permission 2 Close, Refer or Nurture:

    • The Best Next Next Step

What Our Students Say


I'm so glad that my team and I went through the Permission 2 Sell program!

My team and I were always curious why we kept on losing prospects throughout the sales process, and going through the program really helped us to identify where we were going wrong and that "Aha!" moment when it all clicked together for us.

The training has already made a massive improvement to our sales - We closed an extra $425k in the first 3 months alone!

The training was so invaluable and I can't thank Lap-Tin enough for his expertise and patience taking us through the program!"

Veronica H.
Chief Growth Officer

"In our business, my team and I regularly have to deal with multiple senior stakeholders - which can really slow down the conversation.

The worst situation is when a new stakeholder comes in unprepared and derails the conversation, which can mean losing months or years of hard work and preparation.

What I really enjoyed about the Permission 2 Sell program is that it's centered on relationships & building trust - which gives me more space to recover the conversation with my clients when we run into obstacles.

The P2Sell program has helped me reduce the time to close deals by at least 23%. And for a sales professional, every minute counts!"

Matt D.
Head of Business Development

"As a tech founder, I never considered sales & marketing as something that came naturally to me.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to meet Lap-Tin and join his program where I learnt such a simple & natural, human-centered way of selling that, honestly, I never felt like I was selling or pushing anything.

I could genuinely focus on what my customer's problems were and what they cared about, and like magic, they suddenly wanted my help!

Just last month alone, I closed $280k of business, which is double what I was doing previously.

Simply amazing - and really helped me grow by leaps & bounds. I highly recommend it!

Anjay K.
Founder (AI / SaaS)

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