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Fractional B2B Growth Advisory

Because sometimes all you need is a helping hand

Targeted & Tailored Growth Strategies For B2B Startups

As a young B2B start-up or small business you're often faced with a number of key challenges:

  1. What are the best clients & markets for you to grow in?

  2. How do you get a consistent pipeline of ideal clients so you can focus on driving those critical sales conversations & closing business?

  3. And, how do you scale your marketing & sales effectively with a small team & limited resources?

Nailing these answers can be the difference between a successful business, and one that limps along until it inevitably runs out of money & resources.

We're The Experts In B2B Growth

Our Fractional Growth Advisory service is specially tailored for B2B businesses & startups that need sales & marketing support & expertise, but without the overhead of a full-time or long-term commitment

Domain Expertise

Hands-on advice & support from our experienced team of B2B sales & marketing experts.

7+ startups | 40+ years of B2B experience | AI / SaaS / FinTech / MarTech / Enterprise expertise to give you the right strategies & advice specifically for your business.

Flexible Engagement

From as little as 1 hour per month to 1 day a week, choose a cadence that works best for you & your business.

No long-term commitments. Stop or continue the service as your business needs change & grow.

Tailored Service

No cookie customer engagement.


Whether it's a custom growth strategy, strengthening your outreach or transforming your sales process, the focus will always be on what will add the most value to your business.

How We Can Help

Strategic Sales & Marketing Reviews

Stuck in a bit of a rut?


Not sure about the best way to take your business forward?

We can help create a (or refresh an existing) sales & marketing strategy that will help focus your efforts & drive the growth engine for your business!

Optimize Your Sales & Marketing Processes

Are your sales team & processes working as well as they should? Or are gaps in the process costing you precious leads & opportunities?

We can help review your current sales processes & optimize for better conversion & return on investment!

Personalized Advisory & Coaching

Sometimes all you need is an independent voice - someone to sound out your ideas, give you feedback, and point you in the right direction.

And of course, tapping into our network of professionals & other founders / owners doesn't hurt either!

Your Growth Advisor

Lap-Tin Tsun
Founder & CMO @ Apex

The TL;DR Summary:

  • 7X B2B Founder - AI / SaaS / MarTech

  • Startup Advisor (FinTech, EdTech, Marketplace SaaS)

  • Experience:

    • Enterprise B2B Sales & Marketing: 15 years

    • Startups & Entrepreneurship: 17+ years

    • Corporate Experience: 15 years

      • Macquarie

      • Commonwealth Bank

      • MetLife

      • Bankwest

      • Westpac

      • MLC

      • Equifax

      • AMP

      • Colonial First State

      • MBF / BUPA

What Our Clients Say


"As a first-time founder, I dove headfirst into building my business, but sales and marketing were a complete mystery to me.


That's where Lap-Tin came in. His guidance was invaluable. He took me from step one, explaining complex concepts in a clear and actionable way.

He developed a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy that perfectly targeted my ideal customers & gave me practical, actionable steps to start growing my business.

From $0 to $185k in 12 months. The results speak for themselves!


If you're a new entrepreneur looking to navigate the world of sales and marketing, I can't recommend Lap-Tin highly enough!"

Jerome V.

Working with Lap-Tin has been a game-changer for my sales game.


Before I started working with Lap-Tin, I was stuck in my sales process. I wasn't closing deals as consistently as I wanted, and I lacked the confidence to really push my business to the next level.


Lap-Tin helped me identify areas for improvement and develop a more streamlined, effective sales strategy that got my sales up by 53%!


If you're looking to improve your sales process and take your business to the next level, you should definitely work with Lap-Tin and his team!

Michelle P.
Business Owner & Digital Marketer

Lap-Tin's sales coaching & advice was exactly what I needed to take my high-ticket B2B sales to the next level.

Lap-Tin's approach to sales is particularly valuable because it emphasizes building trust and strategic partnerships.


This focus resonated greatly with me, as it aligns perfectly with how I want to develop long-term, successful relationships with my clients.

Since working with Lap-Tin, I've closed several high-value deals worth over $100k each that I wouldn't have secured before.

So grateful for his help!"

Emily H.
Leadership Trainer & Coach

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